One Woman’s Healing Journey

image” In the midst of chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer,  I sought out alternative treatments to relieve symptoms of fatigue, nausea, neuropathy,  etc.  I was (and continued) undergoing acupuncture, but needed something else and I didn’t find massage particularly effective. So I went  “further afield” and away from my comfort zone with better known medical practices. I followed the suggestions of several people who recommended Healing Touch. As a busy professional, I began treatments skeptical, yet open.

From my first visit, I was amazed and thrilled by the healing effects of Healing Touch, as well as by Cheryl’s remarkable skills as as effective, caring medical practitioner. I provide the following as an example of my experience during one of my sessions. Frequently cold with poor circulation during chemotherapy, I arrived at her office wearing a fleece jacket on a 75+ degree afternoon.  After a treatment, I left comfortable in short sleeves. The weather hadn’t changed, but I had. I could feel my circulation and energy flow improving as she treated me, but was surprised that the change in my body was so noticeable when I went outside.

I found Cheryl’s treatments (which changed according to how I was feeling) effective in improving my physical and psychological sense of well-being through radiation treatments, and to my surprise, after formal medical treatment as well.

I have recommended Cheryl and Healing Touch to many friends and family (including traditional medical doctors) and will continue to do so.”

Kate, Mpls, Business owner

Peace to all of you as you start a new year

Cheryl SalterI am sending you a greeting with healing energy and wishing you a healthy and peaceful 2013.
“The stars began to burn through the sheets of clouds,
and there was a new voice which you slowly recognized as your own.”

-Mary Oliver

My hope for my Healing Touch practice is to help my clients recognize their own voice as they move towards healing and wholeness.
Let me know when you would like to schedule a Healing Touch session. I am now scheduling weekday evenings, all day Thursday and every other Saturday.
I hope to see you soon.