Bearer of Light

As I continue my studies preparing to take my board exam for holistic nursing certification in October, I am reminded of the importance of self care time after time. I carry a copy of Janet Mentgen’s article, “Path of Healership:  The Importance of Self Care for the Healer” in my purse at all times. But I seem to get so busy that I forget to read it when I need it most. Taking time for renewal recently, as I walked the beach for hours every day,  her words kept repeating in my mind: ” I’m meandering”. Oh, how I love that word!  And “meandering” seems to fill my soul. Today as I took time to read her article, different words remind me of what I am here on this earth to do–what the purpose of this self care is really all for. Janet reminds us: “I believe that every place I put my footstep, I bring light to that part of the Earth. Every place I put my footstep, I bring light.”

The Earth needs our light!IMG_0246