imageThe longer I practice Healing Touch, and the more I learn, I believe love is the answer. Unconditional, open hearted love. I send love and gratitude to Myra Tovey. Myra is one of the founders and the heart center of Healing Touch. She teaches heart centered living. The more I focus my energy on the attributes of heart centered living, the more peaceful life becomes.   The more I work with clients and pain, the more convinced I am that fear and anger drive pain. Forgiveness and love heal. I really do think it is that simple. Love heals everything.


When recently walking along the ocean, I questioned why I am so drawn into the water with the waves overlapping. I had such a sense of how it feeds me. I crave standing in it with the waves crossing over my feet. I have never felt quite that calm and at home. I realized how my body feels open and balanced in the waves. In the reality of every day life, it can be difficult to stay open and flexible, AND well balanced. So there will always be those times when life throws us curve balls or last minute changes. I know I will always make time for a Healing Touch session for someone newly diagnosed with cancer. No matter how overbooked my week is.   But standing in these ocean waves,  I knew what it feels like to be at one with myself, deeply connected and balanced. So I can  stay in balance when my life feels out of balance. In those times I need to pay extra attention to self care and make time for the deep quiet that I find so calming. And remember what it feels like to stand in these waves.

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