Walking outside alone continues to be the most powerful listening time for me. Today, as things seem to be quickly escalating in this pandemic, fear had once again gripped me. I set my intention for this walk. To be still and listen. It took over 30 minutes to start to quiet. I actually asked God out loud if he was there. I started to kind of doubt it. Then I heard clearly: there is fear because there is so much unknown right now. And in my mind I was transported to my many hours of climbing to reach the top of Ireland’s high holy mountain in 2015. As many of you know, this changed the course of my life. After hours, I made it half way. I was thrilled. With no intention to climb to the top. I heard- “Keep going, I’ve got you”. When it got impossible for me, no path, climbing on rocks needing to use my hands, I heard the words whispered at first, then louder. Then every step I took I had to say them out loud. STRENGTH. BALANCE. TRUST. I made it to the top. But my lesson today has to do with the climb down. It started to rain, then snow. I remembered that someone fell and died the day before. Fear took over, and I was actually paralyzed. I remember saying, “Yeah, this isn’t fun anymore and I’m not going down. I can’t.” It took 2 young people on either side talking me down. For hours. Today, I refuse to be paralyzed with fear. I will ask for strength, balance, trust.


In June I returned to Ireland.  

2 years ago I had the great opportunity to study spirituality in Ireland with Brian Luke Seaward. It was a truly life changing experience. The  day I returned  I resigned my position of 41 years hospital nursing to devote myself full time to my Healing Touch practice. And an incredible 2 years it has been!

I returned to Ireland with gratitude and celebration for the endless inspiration this country seems to hold. Every day brought unexpected gifts and a sense of ever deepening trust. A deep reassurance that I am on my path and doing the work I am born to do.


imageThe longer I practice Healing Touch, and the more I learn, I believe love is the answer. Unconditional, open hearted love. I send love and gratitude to Myra Tovey. Myra is one of the founders and the heart center of Healing Touch. She teaches heart centered living. The more I focus my energy on the attributes of heart centered living, the more peaceful life becomes.   The more I work with clients and pain, the more convinced I am that fear and anger drive pain. Forgiveness and love heal. I really do think it is that simple. Love heals everything.


When recently walking along the ocean, I questioned why I am so drawn into the water with the waves overlapping. I had such a sense of how it feeds me. I crave standing in it with the waves crossing over my feet. I have never felt quite that calm and at home. I realized how my body feels open and balanced in the waves. In the reality of every day life, it can be difficult to stay open and flexible, AND well balanced. So there will always be those times when life throws us curve balls or last minute changes. I know I will always make time for a Healing Touch session for someone newly diagnosed with cancer. No matter how overbooked my week is.   But standing in these ocean waves,  I knew what it feels like to be at one with myself, deeply connected and balanced. So I can  stay in balance when my life feels out of balance. In those times I need to pay extra attention to self care and make time for the deep quiet that I find so calming. And remember what it feels like to stand in these waves.

IMG_1215 (2)


IMG_3457How can I possibly do what you have asked me to do?

Fulfill my commitment to Children’s Hospital until Dec 1st.

Continue my rapidly growing Healing Touch Practice.

Provide childcare for my precious grandsons.

Continue my presence and love for my failing mother.

And continue to grow and learn, and practice compassionate self care.

I looked up and God covered me in Grace and gave me the gift of this dragonfly. Right outside my window. It stayed there for an hour.

I felt God’s presence.

Stop. Be still. I am holding you in my Grace every single minute. I do it all. You do nothing Cheryl without me.

I sent my son to show you how.  My Spirit will keep whispering all the answers.

So every day I am filled with more gratitude and love for this most awesome God that leads my life and my work.

Bearer of Light

As I continue my studies preparing to take my board exam for holistic nursing certification in October, I am reminded of the importance of self care time after time. I carry a copy of Janet Mentgen’s article, “Path of Healership:  The Importance of Self Care for the Healer” in my purse at all times. But I seem to get so busy that I forget to read it when I need it most. Taking time for renewal recently, as I walked the beach for hours every day,  her words kept repeating in my mind: ” I’m meandering”. Oh, how I love that word!  And “meandering” seems to fill my soul. Today as I took time to read her article, different words remind me of what I am here on this earth to do–what the purpose of this self care is really all for. Janet reminds us: “I believe that every place I put my footstep, I bring light to that part of the Earth. Every place I put my footstep, I bring light.”

The Earth needs our light!IMG_0246

One Woman’s Healing Journey

image” In the midst of chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer,  I sought out alternative treatments to relieve symptoms of fatigue, nausea, neuropathy,  etc.  I was (and continued) undergoing acupuncture, but needed something else and I didn’t find massage particularly effective. So I went  “further afield” and away from my comfort zone with better known medical practices. I followed the suggestions of several people who recommended Healing Touch. As a busy professional, I began treatments skeptical, yet open.

From my first visit, I was amazed and thrilled by the healing effects of Healing Touch, as well as by Cheryl’s remarkable skills as as effective, caring medical practitioner. I provide the following as an example of my experience during one of my sessions. Frequently cold with poor circulation during chemotherapy, I arrived at her office wearing a fleece jacket on a 75+ degree afternoon.  After a treatment, I left comfortable in short sleeves. The weather hadn’t changed, but I had. I could feel my circulation and energy flow improving as she treated me, but was surprised that the change in my body was so noticeable when I went outside.

I found Cheryl’s treatments (which changed according to how I was feeling) effective in improving my physical and psychological sense of well-being through radiation treatments, and to my surprise, after formal medical treatment as well.

I have recommended Cheryl and Healing Touch to many friends and family (including traditional medical doctors) and will continue to do so.”

Kate, Mpls, Business owner

Peace to all of you as you start a new year

Cheryl SalterI am sending you a greeting with healing energy and wishing you a healthy and peaceful 2013.
“The stars began to burn through the sheets of clouds,
and there was a new voice which you slowly recognized as your own.”

-Mary Oliver

My hope for my Healing Touch practice is to help my clients recognize their own voice as they move towards healing and wholeness.
Let me know when you would like to schedule a Healing Touch session. I am now scheduling weekday evenings, all day Thursday and every other Saturday.
I hope to see you soon.


How We Love

Life has taught me this
Everyday is new
And if anything is true
All that matters when we’re through is how we love

Faced with what we lack
Some things fall apart
But from the ashes new dreams start
All that matters to the heart is how we love

How we love, how we love
With the smallest act of kindness
In a word, a smile, a touch

Open heart

In spite of our mistakes
Chances come again
If we lose or if we win
All that matters in the end is how we love

How we love, how we love
I will not forget your kindness
When I needed it so much

Sometimes we forget
Trying to be so strong
In  this world of right and wrong
All that matters when we’re gone

All that mattered all along
All we have that carries on…is how we love

-Beth Nielsen Chapman


I have seen enough darkness to know I stand in light.

I have overcome enough adversity to know how strong I am.

I have learned many lessons so I have wisdom to share.

I have seen enough to know that every “unanswered prayer” is a blessing in disguise.

I have been healed so that I can offer healing to others.

I am proud of the person that I was, that I am, and that I am destined to become.

These words remind me of what I see in each one of you.


I am grateful to walk together with you on your journey towards wholeness and healing.

I am grateful to stand beside you in the light.

With thanks-Cheryl

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