IMG_3457How can I possibly do what you have asked me to do?

Fulfill my commitment to Children’s Hospital until Dec 1st.

Continue my rapidly growing Healing Touch Practice.

Provide childcare for my precious grandsons.

Continue my presence and love for my failing mother.

And continue to grow and learn, and practice compassionate self care.

I looked up and God covered me in Grace and gave me the gift of this dragonfly. Right outside my window. It stayed there for an hour.

I felt God’s presence.

Stop. Be still. I am holding you in my Grace every single minute. I do it all. You do nothing Cheryl without me.

I sent my son to show you how.  My Spirit will keep whispering all the answers.

So every day I am filled with more gratitude and love for this most awesome God that leads my life and my work.

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