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“The work we have done together has made such a difference. Healing Touch has given me tools so that I can better support myself. Healing Touch has helped me truly see my inner strength. You are a beautifully powerful and calming woman with a wonderful gift.”      Jayne, Breast Cancer  

“Healing Touch with Cheryl helped me thrive through cancer treatment.  Pairing her heart-centered approach and intuitive nature with great skill and attention to details, Cheryl is the ideal Healing Touch Practitioner.”      Heidi, Minneapolis

“I felt deeply blessed by Healing Touch: an oasis of calm, a mellow environment, soothing warm touch.  These things are completely outside my day to day experience.  Uninterrupted time where my own well-being and care are the complete focus of another human is a rare gift.”      Brad, Edina

“Cheryl’s Healing Touch and caring insights have been incredibly helpful, from shortly after I received my cancer diagnosis right through preparing for and recovering from surgery and then radiation treatments.”      Claire, Minneapolis

“Healing Touch has been life changing for me. It helped resolve chronic pain I have had for 20 years. Cheryl is an extremely skilled practitioner and caring person. Healing Touch has benefitted me physically, mentally and emotionally.”     Jennifer, Occupational Therapist

“Cheryl worked with me during and after treatments for cancer. Her presence alone is healing and the work she does through Healing Touch is both powerful and gentle. Cheryl embodies the gift for healing and her work demonstrates integrity, humility and gratitude for the relationship that evolves in the healing process.”     Paula, Psychologist

Cheryl  provides professional, competent and compassionate health care services. I recommend her services to anyone looking for complementary therapies and anyone needing care that makes a difference.  I received Healing Touch from Cheryl following a total knee replacement at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Cheryl knows how to help you feel better, heal faster and become whole again.”    David, Attorney

“Healing Touch helped me immensely through the whirlwind of breast cancer surgery, chemo, and radiation. During the chemotherapy phase especially, I would go to Cheryl with my body feeling a foreign, chemically charged energy that was so very uncomfortable and unsettling, and I’d leave feeling balanced, at peace, and so grateful for Cheryl and her remarkable gift.”     Marcia

“Cheryl was a true light for me while I underwent treatment for breast cancer. I had weekly healing touch sessions and as a result I experienced peace, comfort and almost no side effects from chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. I continue to see Cheryl regularly because of the peace she brings to my life through Healing Touch. The world needs more Cheryl!”     Beret

“I have had two wonderful experiences with Cheryl’s Healing Touch. The first time I had intense back pain and found pain relief with Healing Touch. With the second experience, Healing Touch allowed me to find peace and the tools to deal with my anxiety without having to use medication. Cheryl has a gift of healing and I am blessed to be able to share in her Healing Touch.”     Elizabeth, Eagan

“Healing Touch sessions with Cheryl helped me through chronic dental pain by helping me to stay patient and focused through many dental procedures. Cheryl has amazing gifts of thoughtful listening, of understanding and believing in whatever part of the body or mind is out of balance and hurting. Cheryl brought balance to my anxiety and pain. Healing Touch was my guiding star in my journey.”     Barb

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